Aldrin Maru J. Gannaban                                                         Date Posted: February 2, 2008

BC 1-2D                                                                                                            Prof. Alex Saclayan



            My experience adds learning to myself, especially when I visited one of the best cooperatives in the country, Novaliches Development Cooperative (NOVADECI). That is he first time I encountered visiting coop near in our area.


            The first day I visited NOVADECI, the security guard of the coop didn’t allow me to interview and ask information on any available person involved in the coop, because the guard asked me for a letter allowing me by my professor to visit coop. Due to my pleasing request, one staff of NOVADECI allowed me to interview him, he is Mr. Ronnie Salvador, NOVADECI’s administration staff.


            I ask him certain topics needed on m requirements. First is about their membership matters. He just gave me only a piece of information because all the infos about membership are already listed on their pamphlet. The next I asked for the other topics, another member of NOVADECI shared and gave it to me their Annual reports. She is Mrs. Brigitte Rosales, and she told me that most of the requirements I’m looking for was already stated on their annual report, not really categorized but she told me to serve that just only to got ideas.


            After that, I did not make the conversation longer anymore because I can now make my requirement using the pamphlet and annual report they gave to me.


            These experience helps me to socialize different people especially the persons involved in the coop. I am really thankful for Mr. Salvador and Mrs. Rosales for giving their time to interview them regarding on topics I needed. Due on their busy schedule, they gave their piece of time to entertain me, and they are approachable too because they are also inviting me to be a member of their coop on the right age when I’m ready to be a par of their organization. So that experience adds learning to be a sociable student to other person.




            When I scan the content of NOVADECI’s pamphlet and annual report, I challenged to understand all the details of their content because that would be the key to answer the seven topics I need to accomplish.


            Some of the principles needed, I used my own knowledge on it based on their annual report. Through the informations, I related my self-understanding to connect it to the principles required.


            Other topics I want to gather are mostly listed in Tagalog form. I challenged to understand clearly the statement and try to translate it in English form as possible as I can.


            Through my learning, as a student, I really analyzed the informations on the useful sense that makes me work on it seriously and preferably.


            The task given to us serves as a knowledgeable way of conducting and gathering information that helps me use my self-analization on the certain data. Through these, it adds knowledge on us (cooperative students) to have a background on different systems of the coop that will provides us a learning on our future as a professional cooperators.


Aldrin Maru J. Gannaban       Date Posted: February 18, 2008

BC 1-2D                                                            Prof. Alex Saclayan

 NOVADECI on Member Participation in Co-op Social Responsibility Program (Concern for Community)

            The members of Novaliches Development Cooperative (NOVADECI) live as a part of another larger community. Because of this, the responsibility of cooperative will not separate first, in the community it belongs and second, in larger community – our country, Philippines. The raising of donation funds to the landslide victims in Leyte and typhoon victims in Bicol, and donating 300 slippers for the less fornute youth – in the help with Nation Broadcasting Network (NBN) are part of the evidence of NOVADECI’s response to the call of giving service to others.


            Other program approved by Lupong Patnugutan was the development of “Adopt-a-Street Program”. The offering of health services by Medical and Dental Mission in other barangay was still open and continuous.


            In NOVADECI’s NHCP program, the giving of (1) month time allowance after the payment due date for the payment of NHCP Premiums was approved. The acceptance of the program “Individual Paying Program” of Philhealth was implemented to inform the members to have an additional “pasegurong boluntaryo” which may be use in time of sickness.


            In NOVADECI’s Damayan program, the amendments in Damayan policy were also implemented. Rules were also built in giving Damayan incentives for the officers in Line of Duty.



            I may say that NOVADECI really shows their responsibility and concern to the community that reflects the true value and vision of their cooperative to serve the community. NOVADECI live as a part of the society which emphasized the social and environmental development dimensions of cooperatives or in general, their outward looks and concern for the society.


            I hope and I really believe that, NOVADECI will continue serve community as their coop marked as one of the best from present and for many years to come.

Aldrin Maru J. Gannaban       Date Posted: February 18, 2008

BC 1-2D                                                            Prof. Alex Saclayan

NOVADECI on Member Participation in Co-op Connectivity Program / Cooperation Among Cooperatives

            Novaliches Development Cooperative (NOVADECI) still continuous on its servicing on those federation composed by their cooperative. The investment of additional socio-capital to the federations was implemented in the objective of strengthening the advocacy “Cooperation among Cooperatives” because the fund the coop share is used to help the small cooperatives and give support in their operation.


            On business ventures, in the wants of NOVADECI to give real services to answer the needs of the members, P1 Million Credit Line in Robinsons for the Gift Cheque purchases and a space for additional fund for SM Gift Cheque purchases was both approved.

            Also, the opening of NOVADECI’s Funeral Business in Camarin Branch in interaction with Elijah Funeral Services, and the accreditation also of Forest Hill Funeral Homes as a business partner of NOVEDECI in the business venture was also implemented.


            The “Tangkilikan Program” was presented wherein the members are allowed to put products in NOVADECI’s Consumer Section, and the acceptance of accredited stores owned by the members.


            NOVADECI’s Premium Savings Deposit Program was also implemented last February 2006. The additional program of it is hoping to influence in the attitude of earning to those associate members.



            Through the connectivity programs of NOVADECI, I may say that their plans about it really contributes factor in building up other cooperatives into smaller into larger firms. The principle “Cooperation among Cooperatives” upholds the real status that working together is more productive than competition. NOVADECI and other cooperatives really elevate cooperation as a way of life not only for individuals but also for organizations and movements in any geographical level.


            NOVADECI proved their responsibility having the concern to other cooperatives in giving support in the operation. This is made possible by the business and social framework of cooperatives.


            I conclude that NOVADECI brings its trademark as a coop in sharing the funds for its purpose to help members and co-operatives, and this principle is supported by formation of organizational structures at various levels.




Aldrin Maru J. Gannaban       Date Posted: February 18, 2008

BC 1-2D                                                           Prof. Alex Saclayan

 NOVADECI on Member Participation in Co-op Education, Training, and Information

            One of the ways in order Novaliches Development Cooperative (NOVADECI) to help on the movement is the implementation – on October 2006 – of Guidelines for the NOVADECI Scholarship Program. This is open for the qualified member and their children for education.


            The members and officials of NOVADECI was also given a chance to attend trainings, seminars, workshops, Lakbay Aral in different Cooperatives and finish a post-graduate studies in order to use the additional knowledge on managing or servicing on cooperative.


            The partnership of NOVADECI and STI is still present on giving computer-related trainings to the people.


            The Accomplishment Report conducted last 2006 are the Livelihood Seminars which includes Cellphone Repair, Meat Processing, Spa (hair/facial), Chocolate Molding, and Reflexology; Seminars such as Coop Governance, Laboratory Coop, Credit Administration and Capacity Base Lending, and Delinquency Control (In-house Seminars) and EDCOM Training (CDA), Micro-Finance Product Development, Cashier and Tellers Seminars, Product Packaging, ACCESS Branding Diagnosis, and how to start a business (Outside Seminars); Publications in which 3 issues were published; Sports such as Bowling Tournament and Promotion of Gym through Newsgram; and Foundation Day which includes Motorcade, Job Fair/Trade Fair, Free hair-cutting, Blood Letting, and On the Spot Drawing Contest.


            These are the Education Committee Accomplishment Report 0n the In-House and Outside Trainings/Seminars last 2007: The In-House Seminars are Supervisory Skills, Counterfeit and Money Detection, Trainer’s Training, Parliamentary Procedures, Team Building and Leadership, CUDCC – Directors Competency Course, 5S Workshop and ISTIV, Financial Management, Stress Management, Change Management, Women Empowerment and Youth Dev’t, Risk and Fund Management, Customer Care, and Access Branding. The Outside Seminars includes Taxation, Coop Auditing and Accounting, Computer Audit, IT Upgrading, Record Management, Micro Finance, Journalism, Coop Peso, CUCC – CEO Competency Course, and ACCU.




          NOVADECI really helps in informing the general public – particularly young people and opinion leaders – about the nature and benefits of cooperation. They contribute training and seminars that helps a great factor on the people to add skills and knowledge that they can use and as a part of their learning. NOVADECI conducts program that enhances the strength and ability of members leading to stage of better servicing in cooperative.


            NOVADECI and other cooperatives as instrument for people empowerment and human development, have the responsibility not only to help increase people’s access to wealth or income but also to improve human capabilities and the ability to use them for productive, political, social, cultural and leisure purposes. 

Aldrin Maru J. Gannaban       Date Posted: February 18, 2008

BC 1-2D                                                            Prof. Alex Saclayan

 NOVADECI on Member Participation

in Co-op Governance

            In the goal that Novaliches Development Cooperative (NOVADECI) is to be a part of informing the leaders of the society in the desires and complains of cooperative movement, Lupong Patnugutan accepts the invitation of COOP-NATCCO Partylist to be the Institutional Partner of NOVADECI. Hoping that through this, is the continuous work that these government should solve the real need of the cooperatives.


            Also, to continue serve as a guide for better election for the heads of the cooperative, Lupong Patnugutan strengthen the suggestion in changing on Election Guidelines to be implement on this year 2008. In addition, is the approval of more amendments for the selected members of the appointed committees of Lupong Patnugutan.


            NOVADECI enter into these agreements with the organization that they do so on terms that ensure democratic control by their members and maintain their cooperative autonomy.



            NOVADECI proves the quality of exercising self-responsibility or accountability by relying on its leadership and membership in making decisions. They show their ability and concern to the society by making actions towards the government. The implementation of their policies helps a lot to their movement. It tells that this cooperative primarily depends on its own resources and capabilities and keeps the power to decide for itself in undertaking business and non-business activities.

Aldrin Maru J. Gannaban Date Posted: February O7, 2008

BC 1-2D Prof. Alex Saclayan

Novaliches Development Cooperative (NOVADECI) has its strong belief on the statement “primacy of human elements over money values”. They mostly strengthen on the rights of the person to be heard and treated equally no matter what a person economic, social, or educational status might be.

NOVADECI strengthen the basic rights of the people such as the right to vote, and own a property, and this element upholds NOVADECI to continue the fight on the individual’s right rather than the value of money.

On “one member, one vote”, NOVADECI practiced this right as a democratic enterprises. When I interviewed one staff of NOVADECI, he said that their structures ensure the presence of mechanisms for member participation in decision-making and through this, he also said that it ensures the implementation of plans and programs that NOVADECI may conduct.

NOVADECI conclude that they exercise Member Democratic Control to promote human rights and primacy of human element.


I really believe on the vision of NOVADECI regarding Member Democratic Control because for me, it is important a human elements over money values, and all cooperatives inside and outside the country prove this. As an individual, the most important is which you are a righteous person who cares for the act and outcome of certain vote you preferred rather than the money or any reward you may receive.

The Member Democratic Control for me proves the essence of human dignity on practicing the “one member, one vote” policy because it is the principle upholds the equal and fair mechanisms of voting rights.

The personal presence of members on membership meetings shows the commitment of the members to those who are composed of democratically elected or chosen representatives of NOVADECI.

Aldrin Maru J. Gannaban                                                       Date Posted: February 14, 2008

BC 1-2D                                                                                                             Prof. Alex Saclayan

NOVADECI on Member Economic Participation

             Regarding Member Economic Participation, NOVADECI stated that as an owners or investors in the coop business, members are treated fairly or equitably by allowing them to contribute to the capital based on each member’s capability. The net surplus obtained from the operations is shared fairly by allocating it as follows: First, a portion referred to as reserve funds, for common services for building funds, and other common funds. Next is a portion for interest on capital. This is given back to member and the last is a portion for patronage refund and this is given back to member on the basis of the amount of his payment for the goods and services availed or patronized from the cooperative.


             They told me that every year, they make an Independent Auditor’s Report. They have audited the accompanying financial statements of Novaliches Development Cooperative (NOVADECI) which comprises the balance sheet and the related statements of income, statements of changes in member’s equity, and statements of cash flows for the years then ended, and a summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory notes.


             Their management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of their financial statements in accordance with Philippine Financial Reporting Standards. This responsibility includes: designing, implementing, and maintaining internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of financial statements that are free from material mistatements, whether due to fraud or errors; selecting and applying appropriate accounting policies; and making accounting estimates that are reasonable in the circumstances.


             According to them, “Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial stetements based on our audits. We conducted our audits in accordance with Philippine Standards on Auditing”


             In their Auditor’s Report, it includes the Statements of Financial Condition, Statements of Operation, and Statements of Cash Flows. It also includes the Notes to Financial Statements: Organization, Significant Accounting Policies, Cash, Loans Receivable, Other Receivables, Property and Equipment, Lomg-Term Investments, Other Assets, Deposit Liabilities, Mutual Benefit Fund Payable,  Interest on Share Capital / Patronage Refund, Retirement Plan, Contingencies, Reclassification of Accounts, and Authorization to Issue Financial Statements.



             On financial management of Novaliches Development Cooperative (NOVADECI), I may say that they had a financial listing strategy that makes their coop and other cooperative keeps their economic status organizely. The yaerly report of their financial statements helps me understand the value of the member’s distribution of a certain financial amount.


             Regarding Economic Participation, the fair preparation and presentation of their financial statements lead to their responsibility of designing, implementing, and maintaining internal control that really makes me and pther members praise their financial technique.


             I prefer the NOVADECI statement that their responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements and through this, the members and the management  can determine what the status of their operation is going on. These standards require that they comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance whether financial statements are free from material mistatements.


             Through the statement included on their report, they really handle and organize the loans, plans, financial issues, capitals, etc. that make NOVADECI as one of the best cooperative in strategically-listing of their financial statements